How to Find Company Name Email Address

No matter how good the other marketing strategies are spreading out, there’s a moment when you feel like email marketing. Sometimes you have to go out to cold email to make an outbound plan to boost sales. And it’s actually a great thing for their company.

Now email ads without email addresses. To say the least, seeking someone’s email address is arduous. And for everyone, it’s the same whether an evangelist or beginner.

So to make this process a bit easy for you, today we’ll explore how you can find email address using company names.

The post basically deals with some methods of collecting critical company leads ‘ email addresses.

1. Quick Google Search

Start by simply opening the Google Search dialog. At first, this might seem ridiculous because of the chaos you know you’d face.

You’ll be surprised to know how powerful it can be. Let me tell you that sometimes the email address might just pop up right before your eyes.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to just tap the appropriate email address without going through any trouble?

Only type in the following search engine queries to get the results:

  • Site:[ name]+ contact
  • Site: [name] + other contact information.

Sometimes it works like a charm, and one go gets your result.

If it doesn’t work out, however, you can try playing with your queries and type something like this:

[Name] + “hometown”

[Name] + “company they work for”

 Google will find wherever this combination appears. Tap, type and let Google Search Engine do the rest of your work.

And, if you’re really good, then read the methods further.

2. “Me” or “My” site

The most obvious place to look for is the contact page. Remember that if it’s a multi-person organization, a general contact like “data” or “help” may not be the best email address to reach the person directly, so you may want to use another tool or process.

Besides the Contact page, even the about page is a good place to look for a person’s email address. Organizations have their leadership team listed on the about site, and you may find anything for each team member from a brief profile to extensive contact info. You could find email addresses in unexpected places.

Many people hide these About Us and Contact Us pages in footers, in sidebar random links, or in author photos.

If you can’t find these pages yet, just search in the web address bar as in the examples below. / contact / contact-us / contact-me

3. LinkedIn

Well worth exploring LinkedIn for email addresses. Most people display their email address on their LinkedIn profile. Often contacting someone needs an email address, and showing this information on the profile makes it easy for people to communicate with them.

Chances are good that some of the LinkedIn interactions fall into the domain of goals. It also helps you to export contacts and their email addresses if they are visible on their profiles and find the addresses of anyone you are already linked to. This will create a spreadsheet where you can quickly scan and locate your email addresses.

4. Advanced Twitter Search

Although people usually don’t add (although you never know) their email addresses to their Twitter bio, they’re asked for their email several times on Twitter. You can use Twitter’s advanced search queries to discover the prospect’s email address.

Please notice that you should be aware of your prospect’s company name to get the desired results. You can also set a specific location to narrow down the quest if the company’s position or potential is certain.

Also, don’t try to find the word “email,” otherwise you’ll face an explosion of irrelevant tweets talking about “email” as a subject, but not the actual email address.

Few Google Chrome Extensions to Find Email Addresses

We’ve addressed approaches that are amazing, but still have some obvious downsides.

First, seeking email addresses in bulk is almost impossible using the above forms. Can you even imagine, for example, opening “About” or “Me” thousands of your prospects to seek their email addresses?

Second, 50-50 chances of success. The chance of not finding the email address is likely more than finding it. And most importantly, this path is very arduous and not many people would be up to it.

To solve these issues, we have several automatic chrome extensions to help you find email addresses in bulk very quickly.


Clearbit is available on Google Chrome, as well as an Outlook extension. The company claims Clear bit can locate email addresses in less than five seconds. If comments are anything to go by, 97 percent of the time proved to be right.

All you have to do is type your company name with their first name and title. Clearbit with a web-based search and you’ll get your answer really quickly. You can also email that person by clicking at once.

 Aero Mailer

Is a popular email marketing app for Gmail and Google Apps? This Chrome email marketing extension helps its users find email addresses, save them and send them email via Gmail or Google Apps

Aero Mailer is also equipped to create email templates, upload emails via CSV files, and send mass-automated emails.

Find that

Find that searches the required email addresses very quickly and without any hassle on your side. We offer various packages including a free pack (includes 15 monthly credits) and a $149/month group package (containing over 3,000 credits).

Users need only know the company names or domains of the prospect along with their first name to get desired results. Find that also provides an email verifier attached with the email address finder extension.

Summing it all up

With these few simple methods, you can find almost anyone’s email address in just a few clicks. Upon identifying your prospects ‘ email addresses, don’t forget to connect with them and establish useful connections to extend your network, support your product or increase sales.

If you’re only searching for a few email addresses, you can try your hand with the manual methods. Nonetheless, if you need bulk emails, you should use at least one of the email marketing tools mentioned above.

So, don’t waste more time and send emails opening doors to better sales prospects and life-changing business partnerships as well as leads.

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